Why and how did Gratuity Not Included come to be?

I am the queen of starting projects/ hobbies/ crafts etc. I’ve dabbled in baking, ballet, golf, tennis, snowboarding, climbing, camping, dieting, yoga, bullet journaling, music, sewing, gardening, among many other things. I thrive on keeping myself busy. I always have to have something to do or look forward too, otherwise I get antsy having to deal with myself.

I’m 31, never married, no kids. I now live back in the city I grew up in. I own a house with an exboyfriend from 2008, yup 2008, that’s 10 years ago! I just got dumped by the guy I was seeing only 3 months in because he decided he just wanted to be friends and wasn’t interested in me anymore (i’m 31, I don’t have time to be “just friends”).

One drunken late night I was having a conversation with my friend that there should be a show based on the wives of chefs. There’s basketball wives, hip hop wives, real housewives, etc. (I say that because for some reason i’ve usually dated chefs and it’s a wooden roller coaster ride (not sure how those sketchy beasts are even still around.) I messaged Alicia as soon as I left the bar, knowing that she has been to the same amusement park as me and ridden that bumpy, wooden roller coaster. She was instantly on board and we exchanged ideas rapidly. A couple weeks later, Gratuity Not Included was born. (The name is from the help of a facebook post I made asking what title would generate interest.)

I’ve found a whole new community with this podcast. Social media, interviewing guests, my own personal creativity, and there are tons of conferences. (#goals)

I’m excited to see where this project takes me!


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