What Is This Podcast Exactly?

Gratuity Not Included is a Podcast about what it’s like in the service industry. We talk about horrific experiences with customers (you know the ones that want you to bring 5 sides of ranch, one by one), and all the other shit we have to deal with while on and off the clock.

Hosted by Whitney Thomas & Alicia Phillips.

What We Wanna Offer You

Happy Hour

Experienced bartenders will teach us some awesome recipes to make for our next shift drink!

Weekly Specials

Featuring Special Guests weekly.

Behind Kitchen Doors

Hey Kitchen Guys & Gals! We will go behind the “kitchen doors” and interview local chefs and hear about their day to day.

Real People

We wanna hear the nitty gritty. We will always have some featured stories from the real people in the industry.

Pros & Cons

Maybe you have always wanted to work in the industry? We will give you real insight to what it is like to work in the service industry.

Just Listen

We are just here to entertain you and give your server a chance to really say what she wanted to say. Enjoy!


Special Thanks!

Thank you to Sean Thomas from FrameHouse Productions, for all the hard work you put into editing our sound and interview clips! You have been a dream to work with!

Please check out FrameHouse Productions for all your sound/editing needs!

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